Let’s talk library displays

October 13, 2011 § Leave a comment

Many librarians who have the responsibility of creating displays for their libraries consider themselves “stuck with” the responsibility or it is an afterthought compared with their other duties.  They can’t spend a lot of time or money on them, and they struggle with coming up with ideas for topics without resorting to the same seasonal topics each year. 

While browsing the internet for any blog that would cover library display ideas, I would always come up with ones aimed towards public or school libraries that are aimed at children or teenagers.  While some are great displays, they don’t always translate well to the academic environment.  On the other hand, many larger academic libraries can afford to do more professional traveling displays, or exhibits featuring their extensive archival collections.  While these are beautiful, they can be hard for smaller libraries with fewer resources to duplicate.  Plus, whenever you are creating a display, you want to tailor it to your audience, your students, faculty and staff. 

That’s where this blog comes in.  I’d like to create a place where people creating displays for small academic libraries can go for inspiration.  It will be a place to share ideas, pictures, and tips.  I’m going to be posting some of my displays, perhaps ones I see in other libraries, or if other librarians would like to send pictures of some of their displays to me.  I’ll post on other topics relating to displays, such as budgeting for displays, where you can find good materials to use, or how to incorporate your display into other library events or services.  If you have any ideas or suggestions, please feel free to leave me comments.  I’d be interested in what others’ concerns and issues include.


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