Eastern Bible Institute

October 19, 2011 § Leave a comment

Our library holds the college’s archival collection.  Today I put up a display on Eastern Bible Institute, which was the name of our college before it moved to its current campus.

Inspiration:  Since this weekend is Homecoming, I wanted to create a display that would be interesting to our returning alumni.

Item Selection:  I went through our small archival display and pulled out some photographs and documents that dealt with life on the EBI campus.  I based my choices on variety and interest. 

Creating the Actual Display:  I used a cloth from my display supplies to line the bottom of the display.  I also used some acrylic sign holders that I placed underneath the cloth to prop some of the items up.  Usually I create captions for archival displays, but in this case, the documents and photographs were either pretty self-explanatory or we didn’t have any additional information to include.  This made the display very quick to create.

Cost for the Entire Display:  Although this is a new case, this display did not cost anything.  Everything I used we already had in our display supplies or in the archives.

Since the archival displays usually take longer to create and attract the interest of visitors, not just students, I usually leave archival displays up for quite a while.


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