More Halloween Ideas

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Here are a few more simple Halloween book display ideas (via I Work at A Public Library):

book ghostbook moon


If you wanted to get more complicated, might I suggest trying this?  (via The Shrinking Librarian – originally from Andres Freile)



Happy Halloween!

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14-Oct - Jack-o-lantern


This was a quick and easy last minute display.  I pulled the orange books from our Young Adult section and added a green set of books up top.  I cut a face out of black cardstock and used a black cloth on a book cart to make it look nicer.  I’m pretty happy with how it turned out!

I got the idea from The Shrinking Librarian, who posted this display from  Sunnyvale Public Library. book jack-o-lantern

Documenting Your Display

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Speaking of Homecoming, over the weekend I went to my alma mater for Homecoming.  Of course I had to visit the library.  I got a chance to check out their displays and I was pretty impressed.  They had display areas spread throughout the library.  They used them to highlight their Special Collections, student activities, and library events to name a few.

The other cool thing about Musselman Library’s displays were that they are all archived on their website:  Not just current displays, but past ones as well.  I think this is a great idea, and it was fun for me to go back through a lot of past displays and see them in digital format as well.

Even if you don’t post your display pictures online, it’s a great idea to archive photographs of past displays for yourself.  I take pictures of all of the displays I put up, so that I have a record of what displays we’ve done.  That way I can go back and remind myself of past ideas.  If I have to put up similar displays annually (Constitution Day, Welcoming new students, etc.) I can see what I’ve done before and try to make them a little different from last year, so it doesn’t get too boring.  Photographs allow me to have a record of the books showcased in those displays, without writing all of the titles down.  We post pictures of our current displays on our Facebook page as a way to share with our campus community.  Another time I’ve used photographs of our displays is to share with other librarians what we’ve been doing.  I love seeing pictures of other libraries’ displays because it gives me ideas of displays to do in my own library.

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